I'm not a slacker, but I play one on TV!

Seriously though, since my classes for the spring ended, I have been the master slacker. Nothing has been more enjoyable than coming home from a medium-length workday and plopping down on the couch with a good book or the remote control…of course, I can feel my legs losing their muscle-tone, and my cholesterol's probably going through the roof, but hey, I think this past week was a desperately needed break from my reality of the past year. Working 40 hours a week of regular work, compounded with 20-30 hours of work due to in-house classes and projects does nothing pleasant for the mind or body…and now that I feel sort of rejuvenated (or at least, I don't feel like taking a hammer to my 'puter every morning) I think I'll get off my lazy ass and start doing some more stuff.

Dee and I bought new rollerblades and have been taking trips down to the 3.1 mile paved park path that runs along the lake…that's so much fun, sometimes. When the weather is nice and sunny, everyone is out enjoying themselves and you've got runners, bikers, rollerbladers and the odd skateboarder or two out on the path moving to the beat of their walkmans, radios, or some odd internal rhythm…If some aliens came down from outer space during one of these days, they'd probably be confused as to why everyoone was in such a hurry to go down the path in one direction, turn around in the cul-de-sac, and hurry back the other way…maybe they'd think it some sort of weird earthly mating ritual…and they wouldn't be too far wrong, given the absurdly large number of guys out there that look like they're showing off or preening for the attention of their more exercise-focused female counterparts.

Anyway, some of Dee's family (sister, sister's 2 little boys, other sister's son and daughter) is coming up for a week's visit starting this evening. Should be fun, but we'll see how long it takes me to get tired of having 4 kids running about underfoot :-) I think my limit for children of my own will rest around 2…I just have to remember that as cute as they are as a newborn, once they reach the 2-18 year old range, they become that precious-yet-complete-and-utter-handful that drives people slowly insane…

Currently Reading

Too much to mention. The last book I touched (this morning) is called Cyber Way by Alan Dean Foster. Although I've really enjoyed some of his books, others have been so damned hard to get into that I just give up (and I'm not one that gives up lightly). The Journeys of the Catechist series are beyond excellent and should be read by any fantasy fan for their fanciful nature and incredibly understated humor. Cyber Way is turning out to be pretty good. Mixing sci-fi with the cultural aspects of the Navajo people is turning out to be quite an interesting mix, and the aspects of the sandpainting and spiritual beliefs Foster is covering are things I've never heard of, or even considered learning about.>

Currently Watching

Saw The Matrix Reloaded on Monday. I think I liked it (for the most part) better than the first. Not to give anything away, but the sex scene with Neo and Trinity was a little much for me…everything else kicked ass and doesn't need to be discussed here when you can be immersed in it yourself. Check out the soundtrack, too…kick-ass tunes!

Currently Listening To

I pulled my mp3 collection off my computer at home and put it on my laptop at work so I can generate some decent stats on AudioScrobbler. That site is excellent…I can't wait until it starts matching me up with music other people listen to who also listen to my stuff…I'm always in the mood to hear from new artists! My nick on the website is RossRuns, if you want to check out my stats so far.

Currently Thinking About

How little I actually want to do work here today…I'm thinking those hard-earned vacation hours could be well spent today helping me take off early for a good run and a final hour on the couch with Cyber Way before Dee's family shows up.

Notified readers can think of catchy things for me to put here more often than I can.

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