I can see myself getting addicted to this MT thing pretty quickly. Configuring my options, configuring my site, making banners, checking out other MT blogs….oh wait, did I forget actually WRITING anything myself?

Anyway, this blog is going to be a work-in-progress. When I have a few mins here or there, I might play with the style sheet, or work out whether the calendar should be on the left or the right of my entries. I might even actually write something occasionally too. Probably not all too often, but it might help me get a grip on certain things going on in my life.

Anyway, I have a bunch of old entries over at another site that I might put in the archives here. Not that they're any great quality or anything, but it would be nice to keep the past in one place, so it doesn't resemble my childhood as a Navy brat.

Anyway, the first is usually the worst, and this is no exception. Things'll get better, both here, and in life. I promise.

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