In case you're wondering, I'm referring to myself here. 

I just ducked out to the local deli to grab a late lunch since I forgot, once again, to bring mine in.  Ordered an Uncle Fred (deli ham, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and honey mustard on a sub roll) and filled up a big 32-oz foam cup with pepsi.  Took the to-go box with me while I ran by the bank to make a deposit and headed back to the office to chow down while catching up on some neighborhood posts.

As I got out of the car, I decided to lock my doors not with my keyfob (which I had already stuck in my pocket), but by pressing down on the door lock-lever thingy on the driver's side door.  This in itself would have been fine if I had just pushed it down with my hand….but no….my hands were full, so I used my drink cup…and very quickly realized that styrofoam drink cups do not put up a good fight against unyielding plastic door lock buttons.  Unfortunately for me, not quickly enough to avoid punching a door-lock-button sized hole in the bottom of my cup which rapidly deployed the contents of the cup all over (and inside) the driver's door panel.

So now I'm left with an empty styrofoam cup, a puddle of pepsi on the ground, another one inside the door panel, and an expression of chagrin on my face.  NOT a good way to cap off Monday Thursday.

I will now go find a whiteboard and write 500 times "I will think through my actions before trying to use flimsy materials for uses in which they were not intended".

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