Well, it's been a week already, and that means I've got to pass on the hosting duties of the 5 word challenge to the next sucker host.  Ancora impara has graciously accepted hosting duties, and I am sure is working feverishly to come up with a good set of 5 words for the next challenge.

We didn't have a lot of entries in this past week, but I really liked the ones that got posted.  Ancora impara's take on a game of marbles was a nice counterpoint to my own piece on the same subject.  Baylorgirl made me hungry for some ice cream, while Amanda managed to use all 5 words in a single sentenceMiamiShyner's entry may be too explicit for some folks, but it definitely turned up the heat!  And last but not least, formance came through with a dream piece chock full of imagery and humor.

I'm looking forward to the next challenge, and I hope everyone keeps up the great efforts!

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