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Just to Confuse Things a Little More….Yod Hunt Voting, Reprised

Ok, the monkeys have spoken, and here's how the voting works (Yod/Jody, correct me if I'm wrong in any way – sometimes it is hard to understand a couple of your primates):

1. You are voting for the "Group Favorite" winner.  This winner will be able to display a electronic ribbon on their entry denoting it as the Group Favorite for the week.  The rest of the Yod Hunt winners will still be chosen by the YH host for the week, as it has been done in the past.

2. Yod Hunt group members may each vote for 1 (one) favorite per contest.  You can make your decision based on the overall post, a single picture, or the color of someone's hair – we don't care why you're picking someone, but you can only pick one per contest.

3. Vote by leaving a comment on the original Yod Hunt topic post (YH #8 topic post is here).

  • Your comment should say who you are voting for by referencing their vox name used when they posted their entry
  • Your comment should be unambiguous – make it clear who gets your vote for the week
  • You can only vote for one person per week – if you change your mind, that's ok, but make sure you're clear who you're changing your vote to

4. Please vote in a timely manner. (Yod/Jody – what should this be?  2 days after the competition ends?)  This way the "Group Favorite" can be announced in conjunction with the start of the next Yod Hunt contest.  Because we are just working this out now, for YH #8, people should have until Saturday at 11:59 PM PST to get in their comment/votes.

5. You CAN vote for yourself if you really want to.  (That is, you can use your one vote to vote for yourself, if you think your entry is better than any of the others. People might think you are full of yourself, but hey, that's the internet, right?)

6. Please don't get up to any shenanigans with the voting process.  Signing up alternate vox accounts to the Yod Hunt group and padding your votes (or the like) will not only make you the source of much derision from other group members, but will probably disqualify your entry from the contest.  (However, recruiting friends to participate in the Yod Hunt is greatly encouraged, and if they just so happen to vote for your post, well, consider that your recruitment bonus for bringing in some new blood.)  Hanging chads are outlawed from the Yod Hunt (unless they're used as part of a photo.)

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The DQ #43 – October 4, 2007

"Most of us are about as eager to be changed as we were to be born, and go through our changes in a similar state of shock."
    -James Baldwin

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