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If Real Life Were Like Vox…

  • The neighborhood you lived in would have people moving constantly in/out of nearby houses.  You could kick people out if they don't interest you enough or are rude to you, but be careful how you interact with others – the ability to boot people from your neighborhood could be turned against you as well.

  • You could wake up in the middle of the night (or pretty much anytime, for that matter) and immediately see what your friends have been up to recently.  Unless they've made efforts to hide it from you, of course…
  • You could cruise the neighborhood at will, but in order to get out of your car and actually talk to someone, you would need to "identify" yourself.  This would lead to a lot less door-to-door salesmen, and the few you find would get kicked out of the community as soon as you reported them to the authorities.
  • You could spy on your neighbors whenever you wanted, without their knowledge (unless they were keeping an eye out for stalkers.)
  • Starting a conversation with someone that interests you would be as easy as instant messaging them "Hi", without any regard for geographic locations, times of day, or IM usernames.  However, for now, you better keep track yourself of what you've said privately to someone else, because nobody else is going to do it for you.
  • There would be tons of cliques around, but unlike the cliques you saw in high school, these would welcome new members who share the same interest.  Plus, you can co-exist in two cliques at once without anyone calling you out on it (usually).
  • You could spend all day sitting at home on your couch in your pajamas while you talk to countless people, and nobody would know (or care!)
  • Your photo albums would be simultaneously displayed on your mantle and in every other house in your neighborhood.
  • You could find out pretty much immediately what someone thinks about your thoughts – although you might have to go somewhere special to hear all of their opinions, if they're especially verbose.
  • Every day, you would get a visitor coming to your door to ask you a new question, or urging you to show off something you have or can find on a specific topic.
  • You could scan for people's thoughts on a specific topic, as long as they made an effort to label their thoughts with the key-words you're searching with.  Or you could just browse haphazardly and find something that captures your imagination.
  • There would be a group of concerned citizens (probably also neighbors of yours!) who are constantly working to improve your life and make it easier for you to do the things you want to do.

Any others I've missed?

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Wine Time – HRM Rex Goliath

This weekend I got the chance to try out the "HRM Rex Goliath!" Giant 47 Pound Rooster merlot.

The back of the bottle gives the story behind the name:

At the turn of the 20th Century HRM (His Royal Majesty) Rex Goliath was the treasured attraction of a Texas Circus.  People came from far and wide to behold the 47 lb. bird, billed as the "World's Largest Rooster."  Our label replicates the one of a kind, vintage artwork from the circus banner that hung above Rex's roost and we proudly honor HRM with our premium varietal wines.

Amidst the natural splendor of Central Coast California, our vineyards enjoy the most optimum growing conditions and the beauty of untamed hillside landscapes.  We invite you to raise a toast to Rex with our "free range" Merlot.

I don't know about "free range", but overall, this was a nice merlot.  It wasn't as full bodied as I would have preferred, but was pleasant and pretty mellow.  I probably wouldn't buy another bottle, but only because there are so many better wines out there (and new wines to try).  But I'd happily drink it again, if it was offered to me.  6/10, overall.

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Fantasy Football Week #5 Recap – Barely a Win, But it Counts

You almost have to feel sorry for my opponent this week.  He played powerhouse RB Larry Johnson, who ended up netting him all of 1 point, while on his bench sat Najeh Davenport, who would have brought him 20 points.  Romo ended up turning things around for the Cowboys' win, but I'm sure my opponent was dreaming about what might have been, if Romo had NOT had 5 interceptions and a fumble!

Anyway, I said you almost have to feel sorry, but you don't actually have to.  His record drops to 3-2, but that's still ahead of my 2-3 record so far this season.


This was the week for come-from-behind points for me.  My QB started off the game with an interception and a fumble, but managed to come back to throw 294 yards to give me at least a few points.  Edwards continues to meet and surpass any expectations I set for him, making him my definite #1 receiver.  Facing a couple of injured WR, I picked up Bowe when it was announced he'd start as #2 receiver for Kansas City.  Even though he ended up getting me a fair amount of points, most of it came in the last quarter when he caught a couple long passes for some decent yardage. (In fact, I wasn't even sure he was playing until the 3rd quarter, when he caught his first pass of the game!)

San Diego defense FINALLY got their butt in gear, with an interception and a pair of fumble recoveries (one of which was run back for a touchdown).  I'm hoping they can keep up the pace next week against Oakland…I think I'm going to need the points.

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