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Caption Booth #1 – Literary Indignity

Dolores Umbridge was not having a good day.  In fact, she hadn't had a thing to smile about ever since that hack J.K. Rowling had first named a character after her.  It wasn't HER fault that little Jo Murray had nearly failed her writing examination while in the sixth form at Wyedean School – why did she have to go and brutally besmirch her good name in those "Harry Potter" novels?

Nowadays, she couldn't introduce herself without evoking a snigger from the people around her.  She could almost see their brains making the connection between her and the prissy, toad-like woman in those trashy stories.  Children in her neighborhood made fun of her behind her back, imitating her walk and precise diction.

Just as a flare of disgust at this thought ran through her head once again, an errant gust tugged at the umbrella in Dolores Umbridge's hand, snapping the cheap metal struts and flipping the whole mess of an umbrella inside out.  Amidst jeers and catcalls from the children on a nearby football pitch, she increased her stride and continued the walk to her flat, where she could wrestle indignantly with the umbrella in the presence only of the kittens painted on her fine china plates.

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The DQ #55 – October 16, 2007

"It is the nature of the artist to mind excessively what is said about him. Literature is strewn with the wreckage of men who have minded beyond reason the opinions of others."
    -Virginia Woolf

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Fantasy Football Recap #6 – Getting Even

No, not getting even as in revenge – getting even as in my record – I won for the second straight week, so I'm now 3-3.  Hooray!


Not much to say this week – it seemed the network programming overlords were conspiring against me to bring me only televised games where I had no players playing.  Sure, it was nice seeing Testaverde kick some butt for the Panthers (wow, my home team has Kasay at age 37 and Testaverde at age 43….it's like they're trying to teach those youngins' a thing or two!) but I would have enjoyed watching Edwards catch all three of his touchdown passes a little bit more.  Or cheer as Carson Palmer threw for 300+ yards and 2 touchdowns, and groaned as he intercepted twice and fumbled once.  But so it goes.

Next week looks to be tough – I'm playing "The Warden", who's on a winning streak lately, but more importantly, will be using Brady against a sad Miami defense.  Here's hoping I survive the onslaught…

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