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The DQ #62 – October 23, 2007

"I always knew that I would see the first man on the Moon.  I never dreamed that I would see the last."
    -Dr. Jerry Pournelle, in Rainbow Mars (by Larry Niven)

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Fantasy Football Recap #7 – Holy Crap, I Won!

Just like in the movies, I pulled off a surprise win against the Warden.  And it was a total surprise, since I missed watching pretty much any of my players play this week.


I did check in Sunday night and saw that I was behind in the points, 115-119.  We both had one player left – I my tight end (Dallas Clark) for the Colts, him his wide receiver (Marvin Harrison) for the Colts.  By all rights, he should have got more points than me from this last game, but Manning tends to throw to his tight end and it appears that in the game vs. the Jaguars last night, it was all Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark for the key passes.

So suddenly I've won 3 in a row, have a record of 4-3, and am in 4th out of 10 place in the league.  Everything's coming up Milhouse!

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Hotel has internet, but only in the common area, so I can see myself being pretty much off the 'net the next few days until I get home.  Which is a shame, because I have all kinds of stuff to post.  I guess I'll have to save it for later, though.

This town is small – not tiny, just small.  I think they have ~ 9 bars, 2 bail-bond places, 3 McDonald's, 2 CVS stores, 1 mexican restaurant, and a Ponderosa steakhouse.  Not your ideal source of culture of any kind.  Good thing I brought episodes of the Sopranos to watch – it might just keep me sane.

Worked until 7:15 tonight, and expect I'll be doing the same tomorrow.  I'm really trying hard to wrap everything up by Wednesday so I can leave a day early.  I miss my wife and daughter.  It's going to suck to go back to India in November and be away from them for a while again, especially if it does turn out that I'll be over there for Thanksgiving.

Hope everyone is doing well out there in the Interweb.  I'm expecting to catch up on all the posts I've missed reading sometime around November 23rd.

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