Various names, nicknames, or other ways I have been addressed by people during my life1:

  • Ross
  • Mr. Goldberg
  • Ross Goldberg
  • Roscoe (say the above fast, you'll see how some people got confused)
  • Goldberg
  • Big Goldberg (with my brother being Little Goldberg – unfortunately, now that he's taller than me, I think this would be different today)
  • Riss (I am pretty sure this was an unintentional typo in an email, but you never know)
  • Hey You
  • Dada, Dad, Daddy (by my daughter)
  • Rosaland (someone in elementary school thought my name was short for this and called me by it for a while to get my goat)
  • Dork
  • Fifer (Back when I wore glasses, some folks thought I looked like Paul Pfeiffer from the Wonder Years)
  • Raphael Naftali (my Hebrew name)
  • Motormouth
  • Assorted endearing terms (by my wife)
  • Sir (all too infrequently)
  • Assorted pejorative terms (by people who I have somehow pissed off)
  • Mr. Know-It-All (in a good way)
  • Mr. Know-It-All (in a bad way)
  • Madden (when I unconsciously imitate John Madden's mannerism of stating the obvious or all possible outcomes of a situation)
  • Ross-the-Boss (again, all too infrequently)
  • Teacher's Pet (this even went into my high school yearbook)

How about you?  Got any good names you've ever been called to share with everyone?  Post in the comments, or put a link back to your blog with an entry that shares them….

1Please note that these were all ways I've been addressed.  That doesn't necessarily mean I answered to them.

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