As promised, here's the answers (in red) to yesterday's trivia questions. Categories highlighted in blue are the ones my team answered correctly.

Oh, and Cranky and Grrrace?  Anytime you want to come join us for trivia, feel free.  As you can see, we really could have used your help on this one!

Round 1
1. Category: History.  The Ancon was the first ship to travel through something, in 1914.  What did it travel through? Panama Canal
2. Category: Football.  Which NFL team was the first to win the Vince Lombardi trophy five times? The 49ers
3. Category: Hobbies.  What hobby do enthusiasts spend more money on than any other hobby?  (No sports, so golf, auto racing, etc are not right) Gardening
4. Category: Space.  Name the 7th planet from our sun. Uranus
5. Category: Advertising. Name the full name of the sauce marketed as "The Burger Booster" (generic answers like "ketchup" are not right, it needs to be like "Heinz Ketchup" (although that's not the answer)). Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce

Round 2
6. Category: Music.  Kenny Alphin and John Rich are a duo better known by what name? Big and Rich
7. Category: Technology.  President Jimmy Carter was the first president to have these installed on the roof of the White House.  What did he have installed? solar panels
8. Category: Beatles.  Provide Paul McCartney's FULL name. Sir James Paul McCartney
9. Category: Beer.  This beer manufacturer makes "Triple Boch", the world's most potent beer, coming in at 17% alcohol by volume.  Name the manufacturer. Samuel Adams
10. Category: US Geography.  Name the U.S. state that is bordered by 8 (eight) other states.  For 8 bonus points, name all 8 surrounding states. Tennessee

Halftime Bonus Question
B1. Scooby Doo, Where Are You (the original cartoon) premiered on television in what year?

  • A. 1968
  • B. 1969
  • C. 1970
  • D. 1971

B. 1969

Round 3
11. Category: Politics.  This organization elects the 15 judges of the World Court.  Name the organization. The United Nations
12. Category: Religion.  This Pope was named an honorary member of the Harlem Globetrotters in 1990.  Name the full name of the pope. Pope John Paul II
13. Category: Celebrity Deaths.  Ben Affleck starred as this individual in the movie about his mysterious death, Hollywoodland. For 2 bonus points, name the role that made this mystery actor famous. George Reeves, Superman
14. Category: Male Solo Artists.  This artist has released albums such as "Dare to Be Stupid", "Running with Scissors", and "Straight out of Lynwood". Name the artist. Weird Al Yankovic
15. Category: Weddings. This actress divorced Tommy Lee of Motley Crue fame to marry the lead guitarist of Bon Jovi. Name the actress. Heather Locklear

Round 4
16. Category: Measurements.  What is the more common name for a cubic decimeter? A liter
17. Category: US History.  On March 4th, 1789, this replaced the Articles of Confederation.  Name the replacement document. The Constitution
18. Category: Television.  Name the popular hang-out spot (on the show) for the characters  the show Beverly Hills, 90210. The Peach Pit
19. Category: Comedians.  Terry Jones, John Cleese, and Eric Idle are three of the six comedians that originally made up which comedy group? Monty Python's Flying Circus
20. Category: Game Shows.  Which game show has a possible 61 answers? Jeopardy

Final Bonus Question
B2. Which of the following was the first to provide a credit card in 1950?

  • A. Sears and Roebuck
  • B. Avon
  • C. Pan Am
  • D. Diners Club

D. Diners Club

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