I don't make New Years' resolutions, but I have been trying to make an effort to get back into running again since mid-January.  I was doing really well last year and then pretty much stopped all of a sudden at the end of November.  Now that my schedule has settled a bit, I'm trying to get back into running at lunchtime 3-4 days a week.  I can tell it's going to take a while to get back into shape, but I am making progress and both yesterday and today felt especially good, even though I wasn't able to run at anywhere near the pace I had worked up to last year.

Running today under the drizzly skies of North Carolina made me think back to my trip to the Mexico resort in January.  Every day I was there was a beautiful sunny 80 degrees.  The palm trees and lush green grass were everywhere, and there were wide, pleasant sidewalks to run on all around the resort area.  I took advantage of the locale I was in to help kick-start me back into the running schtick.  After all, when you've got weather like that and courses like the one below, how can you NOT want to run?*

*Ok, fine, I can totally understand that there are PLENTY of people that would see the above and not be inspired to run.  But trust me, if you were actually AT the resort, you'd be inspired to run.  Or swim.  Or lounge in the sun and drink the free booze and eat from the delicious and plentiful buffets.  Wait, what was my point again?

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