Yes, it’s official – I’ve returned home from Minnesota and am currently working from the office again!  There’s no set date for me to go out on a site again, so it looks like plenty of time home with the wife and kidlets in the near future.  I can’t stop smiling.

It was a fun but pretty ordinary weekend, although I was still recovering from this nasty summer cold.  Went to the CP’s soccer game on Saturday (she’s a natural goalie, but still needs to work on her skills outside of that – but about what I’d expect for a 5 year old), and spent most of the afternoon just hanging out and playing with the girls.  Sunday was the 2nd session of CP’s religious school and they were supposed to do an orientation, but the teacher didn’t show so I don’t know what was going on.  They had a substitute but Dee and I hung around for the Tefillah (prayer service that the classes do all together w/ songs accompanied by some guitars and drums) and then we left and got some lunch and came back at the end of the session.  Then we went over to the mother-in-law’s for the afternoon and dinner, rooting for and heckling the various football teams on TV and just hanging out with family.  I think I fell asleep for a while on a pillow on the floor (again, this cold just won’t quit!) and prepped for my first day back to work.

Need to work on waking up in the morning at a set time again – hit snooze WAY too many times this morning, which only served to put me in bad graces with Dee, who woke up when my alarm first went off.  She’s fine with it as long as I get up, but for me to set my alarm and wake her up and then NOT get up – well, let’s just say I need to turn things around or else I might be relocating the alarm clock to the arm of the couch.

Playing catchup today – expense reports and paper filing to get back on track.  Updating my to-do list and reviewing stuff that I’ll be working on – it’s a change of pace, but a good one.  And I can’t wait until I get to drive HOME in the evening, see my kids, have dinner with the family, and relax in the peace and bedlam of my own house.  Things are good.