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The Monday Morning Haiku #6

A week off of work,
fond memories, five more pounds.
(What I gained last week.)

Feel free to leave your own haiku in the comments below!  How was your Thanksgiving/vacation if you had one, or your weekend, if you didn’t?

Yes, I was notably absent from the internet last week as we decided to take advantage of the holidays (and my soon-to-expire extra vacation days) to spend the week up in Pennsylvania visiting my folks.  I ate approximately one metric ton of sweets and snack foods, so it was no surprise that I gained back the 5 pounds I had recently worked off with my running endeavors in November.  No biggie though – I’m back on the wagon as of today, which means more  healthy lunches, snacks, and plenty of good old exercise.

The trip itself was a lot of fun – along with my folks, we got to see my grandparents, some aunts and uncles, cousins, and even my brother.  There were plenty of activities and distractions for the girls, although I think their favorites were the ones we did at Hershey Park – the Hershey Candy Lane was a discounted admission to the amusement park where pretty much just the kiddie rides were open (perfect for a 5 year old and 3 year old), and although it was COLD (~40 degrees before windchill) the girls had a ball.  They also loved the Hershey Sweet Lights, which was a drive-through Christmas lights display of almost 600 illuminated, animated displays.  It took about 45 minutes to drive through (inching along at about 5 mph), and was a lot of fun for everyone in the car.

Overall, a great visit, albeit way too short.  We’ll have to figure out the next time to see my folks, as they definitely deserve more time with their grandchildren!

Smiles at Hershey Park

Tumblr Reblog Bookmarklet (Including a Means to Reblog Your Own Posts)


1) Drag this link up to your browser’s bookmark toolbar: Tumblr Reblog

To Reblog:

1) Go to the permalink of the individual post you want to reblog (e.g. this)  NOTE: Bookmarklet will NOT work on the Tumblr dashboard.  If you can’t figure out how to navigate to the permalink post on a Tumblr blog, click on the top-right corner of the post on your dashboard to get to the permalink URL.

2) Click the “Tumblr Reblog” bookmarklet you set up – it should then process and bring you to a compose screen with the post ready to reblog (even your own posts!)

Caveats – I cobbled this together from some existing bookmarklets, so if something doesn’t work properly, let me know.  May not work for all types of posts (e.g. ones where reblogging is not supported, etc).  Hope this works for you!

Better Partying Through Chemistry

I caught this video today, and immediately thought of Steve.  Once I was a chemistry geek, but unfortunately those days are long behind me, and now I don’t know that I could even balance a chemical equation without a set of scales and some help. (Har de har har)

Anyway, enjoy the video, even if you don’t remember the difference between an exothermic and endothermic reaction.

Substitute Cuteness

Sorry, no time this week to write a drabble, so you’ll have to settle for some more cuteness from my budding artist.  The CP decided to make an “I Love You Book” of all of my favorite things.  She sat down and interviewed me about my favorite sport, animal, foods, and activities, and then drew a “book” of my favorite things.  It’s currently hanging on my wall here in the office so I can be reminded every day of what exactly it is that I enjoy.

For translation/archival purposes, the items are, from top to bottom:

  • Playing soccer with the CP
  • Listening to music
  • Pizza
  • Cats
  • Apple trees

She’s really getting into writing, and actually earlier this week wrote a REAL book (albeit 4 pages long).  I’m going to have to scan it and “publish” it online – it’s really a hoot.  I’m thinking we’re going to start a writing project together – she narrates, I transcribe, and she illustrates.  I love how much enthusiasm she has towards books, writing, and various other creative outlets, and want to encourage her any way I can.

In Which I Lament The Sad State of Affairs of Yogurt Container Design

Hey!  You!  Do you even test these things out before you manufacture them?

I’m talking, of course, to the designers of yogurt containers.  Almost every single one of them has something wrong with the design that makes eating a container of yogurt more difficult than it should be.

1) The original Yoplait “inverted” container.  Great for stacking, TERRIBLE for eating out of.  The inverted shape means the top is just wider than the bowl of your spoon, while the base is almost 1.5 times as big.  You end up getting yogurt all around the stem of the spoon while trying to scoop out the contents.  And when you get to the bottom of the cup and are trying to scrape the remains onto your spoon, there’s only about two angles you can get the spoon to that will actually pick up yogurt.  I end up running the spoon around and around the inside for some ridiculous amount of time to pick up the tiniest amount of remaining yogurt.

2) Yoplait’s Greek yogurt.  Although this one has the right standard-cup-type-shape, it has a nice little notch on the inside where the cup flares out at the top.  You end up getting all kinds of yogurt stuck around on this rim, and you can’t take your spoon and scoop straight from the bottom to top without having the spoon “jump” from one edge of the cup to the edge where the rim is – if you’re not careful, you can lose a spoonful this way.

3) Dannon yogurt.  Same as #2 above, but not quite as pronounced.  However, if I recall, the bottom isn’t completely flat so it makes it difficult to scoop across the container when you’re nearing the end of the cup.

4) Activia. Seriously, have you ever tried to open one of these?  As soon as you peel one of the corners back enough to let air in, it rushes in and yogurt comes flying out and usually lands right on the crotch of your pants.  And when you try to clean up yogurt from the crotch of your pants, there’s only one thing in the world the resulting stain/mark looks like.  It’s pretty damn embarrassing.  Other than this, though, the container is perfect and you can get out all the yogurt without hassle.  My advice? Point it away from you (preferably towards someone else’s crotch) and open away, and then enjoy the obvious winner of the yogurt cup design competition.

The Monday Morning Haiku #5

Fall back! Extra hour!
I SHOULD feel more rested now.
*Sigh* More coffee, please.

It was a pretty laid-back weekend – the chilly weather kept us indoors, and since we were watching my brother-in-law’s kids for the weekend, we just turned it into a couple of lazy days of hanging out, playing board games and card games, and relaxing.  The boys are big into ERS (Egyptian Ratscrew), of which I used to be a reigning champion in my school, so I joined in and slapped my way to a couple of victories before I was able to tone down the involuntary responses and giving them a fighting chance.  The dinner table also saw games of War, Apples to Apples, Blockus, Spades, Spite & Malice (Screw Your Neighbor), and Magic The Gathering.  Pretty much the only time people weren’t playing a game of some sort was during meals, actually.

All-in-all, not a bad way to spend the weekend.  I just wish the clocks got set back more than 1 hour – it wasn’t NEARLY enough time to let me catch up on sleep!

How about you – if you got hit by the Daylight Saving Time change this weekend, how are you holding up?  Bonus points for answering in haiku form!

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