This is a 30 Days of Books entry.

I just looked back over my Goodreads account at the 45 or so books I read in 2010, and checked out their ratings.  Some of them I’m not sure I’d still rate as highly as I did immediately after finishing the book, but there was one that definitely earned its 5-star rating, and merits the title of “Best Book I Read in 2010”.

That book is World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War.


This book was so amazing, that it went past the point of “can’t put it down” and into the realm of “make it last as long as possible.” The world of the novel (post Zombie-Apocalypse) is horrifying, but not without its own hope for the future. No one is left unscathed from the horrors visited across the entire planet by the zombie infestation, but that’s where the beauty of the novel comes into play.

The book is so wonderful because it’s more than an idea and its implications; the voices of the people in the 2-4 page-long “interviews” are so vibrant and real that you can’t help but get sucked in to their lives and imagine yourself in their place. The Zombie War is portrayed from so many viewpoints, each with an amazing story of its own, that by the end of the book I felt I too had lived through this fantastic apocalypse.