Ok, it's not actually a game, but the website Answerbag.com definitely gets my pick as most addictive site of the year, and possibly most addictive site, ever.

Like many other question/answer sites, people post questions for anyone/everyone to answer.  There's a digg-like voting system, where you can rate up/down both the questions and people's answers.  You can accumulate points by having people rate up your questions or answers, and gain levels by getting enough points.  New questions are posted by users all the time, and you can also search the archives if you're actually just looking for a decent answer, and not interested in "playing the game".

As of right now, I'm a level 4 user with 57 points needed to hit level 5.  The higher a level you are, the more points you can bestow on a question or answer. Answers get more points than questions, so two good ways to earn points are either throw out a bunch of good questions, or just answer a few questions with good answers.

So, if you're in the mood to dole out some advice, ask some questions, or just try to "level up", check out Answerbag.  If I see it, maybe I'll answer your question!

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