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Fantasy Football Week 1 – The Big Leagues

Hopefully by throwing the words "Fantasy Football" in the title of my posts, I can warn off the folks who aren't interested in my weekly recaps (Kevin).  I'll refrain from doing more than one of these a week, and there won't be any other content besides football or Fantasy Football in them, so feel free to ignore these posts if that's not your cup of tea.

This year, I decided to form a local league with my coworkers in addition to the one my friends in Syracuse play in.  This way I have some folks at work to trash-talk and discuss the games with, which I've been missing since I moved away from Syracuse.  Since I had more experience with fantasy football than my other coworkers, I set up the league and am League Commissioner, which is a fancy way of saying I get to do all the behind-the-scenes organization crap with no extra compensation for it.  But hey!  At least I get a local league to play in!

And I won my local league's first week game against my opponent, the Scorpions!

Although my defense really let me down, my other players made up for it enough to let me squeak by for the win.  I think Maroney's going to be a bust this year now that Brady is out for the season – his replacement likes to throw the ball so the running game looks to be low priority.

Oh yeah, I also won my other league's game, but only because my opponent has the worst 1st-week luck of anyone I've ever seen!

Yes, I won this week primarily because my opponent's quarterback got sidelined for the season early in the first quarter of his game.  Not shown here is his backup receiver (Nate Burleson) who ALSO suffered a season-ending knee injury in his week one game (hence my opponent's new team name).  Talk about crappy luck of the draft!

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Fantasy Football Recap #12 – Skin of My Teeth

It was a crazy week for me this week, in part because I rushed to get my lineup situated before the games started on Thursday, and missed out on using Barber on the one week he could have scored 20+ points for me.  By Sunday evening, all of my players' points had been tallied (totaling 135 for the week), and I could only watch in dread as my opponent slowly crept up the scoreboard every time Tom Brady threw another complete pass.  At the end of the first half of the New England / Philadelphia game, I thought it was over for sure — all Brady needed to do in order to force a loss for me was to toss out another 100 yards and a touchdown.  Yet time and again in the second half, New England got close to the end zone only to run the ball in, or otherwise turn it over without a pass TD.

I watched the last few minutes of the game anxiously, my opponent 1 point behind a tie for the week.  I know the Pats were trying to run the ball to run out the clock.  But would Brady throw that one extra pass to try to get a first down and ensure the Patriots retained possession for the rest of the game?  In the end, the answer was no; they kicked the ball, and regardless of Feeley's pick at the very end of the game, I was a winner for this week, 135-134.  It took me until well after midnight to settle down from the nail-biting jitters, as it just doesn't get any closer than that, in fantasy competition.

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