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The Monday Morning Haiku #10

Tylenol PM
(Secret to 9 hours of
“dead to the world” sleep)

Today is day 4 of “that damned cold” and it finally feels like immune system’s got it on the run. I’ve been taking care to get some extra rest these last few nights (see haiku above) which means I’m usually doped up and reading around 8-8:30, and asleep by 9-9:30.  I missed everything after halftime of the Steeler’s game last night because of this, but my body is thanking me this morning (and seeing how the Jets played the first half, I’m not sure I would have cared to stay up for it, even if I was healthy!)

In other news, I’m starting The Artist’s Way program this week. So far I am a little bit skeptical, but even if I’m not on the same page with the thought processes and beliefs of the program, the activities included within seem helpful and are definitely helping me feel like I’m getting more out of my writing/introspection time.  Time will tell, and I’m not sure that I’ll be trying to complete it all in a 12-week period of time (some “weeks” may take 2-3 weeks as required based on time constraints) but I’m feeling pretty good that this is going to be a kick in the pants to get back into writing regularly again.

How about you?  Trying anything new in 2011? Or still just trying to get a handle on the same old same old?

The Monday Morning Haiku #9

Mounds of used tissues
Lots of TV and jammies
Cold season is here

Yes indeed, it’s that time of year again!  After Mother Nature dumped a load of snow and ice on us last week, she decided to kick us while we were down and help the girls to spontaneously develop near-simultaneous colds.  Although they’re finally getting better (which means it’s now the parents’ turn to get sick, right?), the weekend was primarily spent on the couch and/or carpet, watching TV and playing games, with minimal efforts made to do anything outside of the house.  Dee’s van also had a pancake-flat tire, so after putting on the spare (donut) we dropped off her car to get the tires replaced (they were in need of replacing anyway).  Not a whole lot of high points to the weekend, other than a break from the kids Saturday night where Dee and I went out to dinner and then to a housewarming party at Jillzey‘s place.  That was fun, but since the girls were sick, we had to cut things short and get home at a reasonable hour to deal with the coughs and sniffles and middle-of-the-night-cries-for-tissues that were sure to come.

So what did you all do this weekend? Hope it was better than mine (and had 100% less sickness)!  [And if you’re off today for MLK day – hooray for you while the rest of us poor schmucks are back in the office!]

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