Hey!  You!  Do you even test these things out before you manufacture them?

I’m talking, of course, to the designers of yogurt containers.  Almost every single one of them has something wrong with the design that makes eating a container of yogurt more difficult than it should be.

1) The original Yoplait “inverted” container.  Great for stacking, TERRIBLE for eating out of.  The inverted shape means the top is just wider than the bowl of your spoon, while the base is almost 1.5 times as big.  You end up getting yogurt all around the stem of the spoon while trying to scoop out the contents.  And when you get to the bottom of the cup and are trying to scrape the remains onto your spoon, there’s only about two angles you can get the spoon to that will actually pick up yogurt.  I end up running the spoon around and around the inside for some ridiculous amount of time to pick up the tiniest amount of remaining yogurt.

2) Yoplait’s Greek yogurt.  Although this one has the right standard-cup-type-shape, it has a nice little notch on the inside where the cup flares out at the top.  You end up getting all kinds of yogurt stuck around on this rim, and you can’t take your spoon and scoop straight from the bottom to top without having the spoon “jump” from one edge of the cup to the edge where the rim is – if you’re not careful, you can lose a spoonful this way.

3) Dannon yogurt.  Same as #2 above, but not quite as pronounced.  However, if I recall, the bottom isn’t completely flat so it makes it difficult to scoop across the container when you’re nearing the end of the cup.

4) Activia. Seriously, have you ever tried to open one of these?  As soon as you peel one of the corners back enough to let air in, it rushes in and yogurt comes flying out and usually lands right on the crotch of your pants.  And when you try to clean up yogurt from the crotch of your pants, there’s only one thing in the world the resulting stain/mark looks like.  It’s pretty damn embarrassing.  Other than this, though, the container is perfect and you can get out all the yogurt without hassle.  My advice? Point it away from you (preferably towards someone else’s crotch) and open away, and then enjoy the obvious winner of the yogurt cup design competition.