Note: This is Ross' cameraphone edition – my digital camera was out of service, so I apologize for the somewhat sub-par quality of the photos themselves.  I make no apology for sub-par quality of the contents of the photos.

Note #2:  Vox has gone crazy on me.  I uploaded the pictures but cannot insert them the way I want into the post.  I'll rectify this later, but for now, hope you can deal with the odd placements.

1) Take a self portrait where nothing pictured (other than what you are wearing) is man made.

Since people may be getting tired of my mug, I decided this week to show off my boots.  In the background is nothing but all-natural trees, air, and clouds.  It was also a pain getting inverted, so maybe next time Yod needs to have us sign a liability waiver before starting the contest.


2) Show us your favorite local eatery (bonus points for showing us the food).


This is from one of my favorite local places, Punchy's Diner.  Just a little diner with a nice atmosphere, pleasant wait-staff, cheap-but-good eats, and it happens to be relatively close by.  They sometimes have custom/classic car shows outside the diner too, so you can get some free entertainment after your meal by just walking around and checking out the refurbished classic cars.  See #4 picture below for more info and a picture from inside Punchy's.

3) Spend no more than 1 USD (0.731608 EUR, 0.496663 GBP, 1.05275 CAD, 1.21179 AUD,  41.0919 INR, 3.48137 MYR) on something ridiculous and show it to us.



I wanted to go buy something at the "Your Dollar Store With More" shop, but as you can see, they seem to have gone out of business.  I had to settle for my local grocery store, where I picked up this nifty bowl deoderizer for the low-low price of $0.50 US.  What's so ridiculous about that?  Well, I think the fact that it did not do its job at all makes it a pretty ridiculous product to sell.

Frankly, I'm not so sure my bowls needed deoderizing in the first place.


4) Show us the work of a local artist.

This mural at Punchy's Diner was done by Russ Petty.  It's….certainly not a masterpiece, but it adds just the right touch to the diner's atmosphere.  More on Russ' work can be found here, with more shots of the Punchy mural here.





5) Print out this picture, bring it somewhere hilarious, and take a picture of it in its new surroundings (black and white print is ok). If you don't own or have access to a printer, write "I DON'T HAVE A PRINTER" with a frowny face on the paper and use that instead.

This one almost stumped me.  In the end, I couldn't think of any place more hilarious than a port-o-potty.  So Yod's girlfriend's nephew took a trip to the only place where you can poop outdoors without getting arrested for indecent exposure.


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