If you could get everyone in the world to change their behavior in one way, what would you have them do differently?

    Submitted by Ross.

I checked what some people have already posted for this QotD, and there are some great answers out there:

  • By far, the most popular answer seems to be people wanting everyone to be more tolerant of others, which is always a great answer – more tolerance equals less hate, less violence, less problems.  This is something I always am hoping for.
  • There are a number of variations on this theme, from people that said we shouldn't be trying to change people, and accept the way they are, to people who want others to listen better, be more courteous, practice good manners, etc.  All of these types of actions are things that grease the wheels of society, and I couldn't agree more that they would be great to have people do better or more often.
  • Some people said they want everyone to recognize/acknowledge God/religion/etc.  I'll assume this isn't a blind cry for religious conformity, but rather people who are focusing on the tolerant and accepting aspects of their religion and how the world would be a better place if people incorporated these actions into their lives…
  • Some people focused on the environmental actions, hoping people would be more green.  This would definitely help our world out, even if it isn't EVERYONE who changes their behavior in this way.
  • There were a bunch of other, more personal things out there that all had merit – definitely go check out what people have posted to see some thought-provoking answers.

As for me, I decided to consider one that I haven't seen people mention yet.  I would want people to be more appreciative of the humor and good in everything around them.  If some people had a better sense of humor, or didn't take things so seriously, or just plain appreciated the good aspects of their lives, I think the world would be a better place. 

I don't think one single action is going to change our problems with violence, war, poverty, disease, etc, but if we can change part of our outlook, we might be able to start making a dent in some of these problems in a way we didn't think we could, before. 

As a challenge to you – one time in the next week or so, when you find yourself in a situation that makes you angry or sad or upset or otherwise negative – stop for a moment and try to view the situation in another way that seems humorous, or lets you appreciate the things you do have in your life in spite of the situation.  If your change in outlook doesn't fix the issue outright (it probably wont!), did it at least help in some way?

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