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The Monday Morning Haiku #23

The streets seem smaller,
cozier, more familiar.
Happy to be home.

There’s something I really enjoy about returning from a trip overseas. With every step from baggage claim to my car, I shed worries and thoughts of work, my steps growing lighter and more energetic. I climb behind the wheel and on my drive home notice sights and street signs I normally take for granted. Everything clamors for my attention but nothing distracts me from the thoughts of finally returning home.

I pull into my driveway and cannot wait to get inside the house and wrap myself in a warm cocoon of familiarity, hugs, and loving words. Every time I return is better than the last. It almost makes me want to leave again just to get the feeling of returning home. Almost, but not quite. For now, I’ll just enjoy myself and spend my time with those I care about most in this world.

The Walls Have Ears

Conversations you may have heard at my house in the past week:+

1) The Purse

Dee: Mmm…my pretty new purse – it's so niiiice…
Me: Huh?
Dee: Honey, right now I feel just like you do, when you get a nice new electronic gadget.
Me: *lightbulb comes on* Ahhh, I see!  I'll stop giving you the strange looks then – you put up with me spending 2 hours configuring my phone a few months back.

2) The 3rd Grade Sense of Humor

Me: Violet, guess what?
Violet: What?
Violet: *hysterical laughter*

Me: Violet, guess why?
Violet: Why?
Violet: *hysterical giggles*

Dee: Violet, guess where?
Violet: …??
Violet: *even more hysterical giggles*

Violet: Mommy, Daddy – Guess why?
Me: Why?
*hysterical laughter from all of us*

3) The Infant With a Newly-Discovered Sense of Mobility

Me: No Rosie, don't put that dust bunny in your mouth.
Me: No Rosie, don't try to climb up on the fireplace.
Me: No Rosie, don't grab the lamp cord, that's not for babies.
Me: No Rosie, don't crawl under the coffee table, you'll bump your head.
Me: No Rosie, don't eat that paper, that's yucky.
Me: No Rosie, don't pull Violet's hair.
Me: No Violet, don't push Rosie for pulling your hair.
Me: No Rosie, don't try to pull that basket of toys over onto yourself.
Me: No Rosie, don't eat that crayon, that's yucky.
(Repeat ad nauseam)

4) Television Priorities

Me: Violet, this is football.  See the team in blue?
Violet: Yeah! That is football!
Me: That team in blue is called the Panthers.  Can you say "Go Panthers!"
Violet: Go Pan…Panfe…. I can't say it.
Me: Pan-thers.
Violet: Pan-thers.
Me: Go Panthers!
Violet:Go Panthers!  Yay!  Go Panthers!
Me: Yeah, good job!  Go Panthers!
Violet: No, I want to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

5) The Ideal Marriage is Based on Equality

Me: Honey, since you're going to Vegas with your friends right before Thanksgiving, if I hypothetically had to go to a seminar in Vegas for a couple days later this week, you wouldn't have any grounds to complain, right?
Dee: Honey, I love you dearly, but I will ALWAYS have grounds to complain if you pull something like that.

+If you were a fly on the wall.*
*You don't want to be one of the flies that was on my wall.  They met with a horrible demise over the weekend, courtesy of my flyswatter.

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Everyone’s a Critic (But in a Good Way)…

When I found out that I had made the [TIG] page for my recent post on How (Not) To Install a Ceiling Fan, I was really happy – I really enjoyed writing that post, but I also put some hard work into it to get it to turn out the way I wanted.  It was one of the few pieces I've written lately that I actively wanted to share with my family, so I did just that.  I sent the link to the post to some of my family who live out of town, and printed out a copy to show to the local family when we got together over the weekend.  I thought the responses to my sharing my piece with them were quirky enough on their own to warrant their own post:

My Father-in-Law (via email):  Looks like you missed your calling.  (I still can't decide if he meant this sarcastically re: installing the fan, or genuinely re: writing.)

My Mother (via email): Clever.

My Wife: That's great, Honey.  (She's my biggest supporter, as you can tell.)

My Sister-in-Law: That's really funny, Ross.  And it's funny because it's true.

My Mother-in-Law:  That is too funny.  You should submit that somewhere! (Enter explanation of blogs and the fact that I have one.)

My other Sister-in-Law: This is hilarious!  Where did you find this?  Wait, you wrote it?  No, seriously?  Wow, it's really good.  You're very creative, you could write some stories or something.

My Mother (over the phone): I did like your story about installing the ceiling fan.  I was so surprised to see how many people left you notes.  Do people actually read what you write?  How do they know that you are writing things?  Wow.  (I think she was more impressed that someone out there sometimes actually reads what I'm writing, rather than any quality in the content of the piece itself.)

So there you have it.  My family genuinely supports me, but apparently I'm leading a secret double-life online at Vox that they're relatively unaware of and/or have little interest in participating in.  Which is OK by me, as I never really intended this blog as a means of communicating with my family – I'll just be happy if/when they do read something, and I'll remember that they're around when I do need them, which is the most important thing and one of the parts about them that I value the most.

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Anonymous No More

Latte made me realize that I've been slack in sharing any photos of myself to my neighbors and friends, so I thought I'd post a few so you know what the man behind the curtain monitor looks like.  I'm also changing my avatar icon to a head-shot.  Now that you guys have made me feel more welcome here on Vox, I don't feel the need to hide behind typewriter keys anymore…

First up, a photo of my wife and myself back when our daughter was only about a month old.  I had slighly longer hair back then:

I was also a lot more tired back then (for good reason!)

I look approximately the same today as I did two years ago, although my hair is a little shorter and there's a little more grey speckled throughout it.  Sorry for the not-so-great light quality, but this was from this afternoon, since I can't seem to find any recent pictures where I wasn't the one behind the lens.

Again, sorry for hiding!  I have to remember that with Vox's uber-cool privacy features, I can post pics without feeling like they'll be available to the entire world…

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