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Fantasy Football Recap #6 – Getting Even

No, not getting even as in revenge – getting even as in my record – I won for the second straight week, so I'm now 3-3.  Hooray!


Not much to say this week – it seemed the network programming overlords were conspiring against me to bring me only televised games where I had no players playing.  Sure, it was nice seeing Testaverde kick some butt for the Panthers (wow, my home team has Kasay at age 37 and Testaverde at age 43….it's like they're trying to teach those youngins' a thing or two!) but I would have enjoyed watching Edwards catch all three of his touchdown passes a little bit more.  Or cheer as Carson Palmer threw for 300+ yards and 2 touchdowns, and groaned as he intercepted twice and fumbled once.  But so it goes.

Next week looks to be tough – I'm playing "The Warden", who's on a winning streak lately, but more importantly, will be using Brady against a sad Miami defense.  Here's hoping I survive the onslaught…

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Fantasy Football Week #5 Recap – Barely a Win, But it Counts

You almost have to feel sorry for my opponent this week.  He played powerhouse RB Larry Johnson, who ended up netting him all of 1 point, while on his bench sat Najeh Davenport, who would have brought him 20 points.  Romo ended up turning things around for the Cowboys' win, but I'm sure my opponent was dreaming about what might have been, if Romo had NOT had 5 interceptions and a fumble!

Anyway, I said you almost have to feel sorry, but you don't actually have to.  His record drops to 3-2, but that's still ahead of my 2-3 record so far this season.


This was the week for come-from-behind points for me.  My QB started off the game with an interception and a fumble, but managed to come back to throw 294 yards to give me at least a few points.  Edwards continues to meet and surpass any expectations I set for him, making him my definite #1 receiver.  Facing a couple of injured WR, I picked up Bowe when it was announced he'd start as #2 receiver for Kansas City.  Even though he ended up getting me a fair amount of points, most of it came in the last quarter when he caught a couple long passes for some decent yardage. (In fact, I wasn't even sure he was playing until the 3rd quarter, when he caught his first pass of the game!)

San Diego defense FINALLY got their butt in gear, with an interception and a pair of fumble recoveries (one of which was run back for a touchdown).  I'm hoping they can keep up the pace next week against Oakland…I think I'm going to need the points.

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Fantasy Football Recap #4 – Aaargh!

This week was a nailbiter for my fantasy football team, but I ended up losing…again.  Coming into last night's game, I was down by 4 points and expected to quickly make up my deficit, since I had both Carson Palmer AND Chad Johnson, and all my opponent had left was T.J. Houshmandzadeh.  What I wasn't expecting, though, was for my QB to throw the bulk of his passes T.J.'s way, getting in an argument with Johnson just before half-time, and giving Johnson a total of about 2 looks in the second half.  The icing on the cake was Palmer throwing one last pass to T.J. to put him at 100 yards for the game, and then giving the ball up to the New England defense as if to say, "I give up.  Sorry Ross, you got screwed again!"

Not that I'm bitter or anything.


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Fantasy Football Recap, Week 3 – Outplayed

Not much to say about my team this week except that no matter who I had chosen to play off my roster, there's no way I could have beat my opponent's final score.  Part of that is due to my players having some poor performances (yes, I'm looking at you San Diego defense, and you Mr. Hines Ward, who caught a total of 2 yards worth of passes prior to getting injured in the 3rd quarter).  But part is just my opponent having a good week with his team.  Thems the breaks, and hopefully my draft choices pan out in the weeks to come.

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Fantasy Football Recap, Week 2 – Trouncing the Competition

Another week of fantasy football down, and now I'm 1-1!  As you can see by the score below, I crushed my competition this week with my oh-so-skillful choice of using Chad Johnson, Carson Palmer, and Kellen Winslow (ok, ok, it was more luck than skill involved here).  I would have had 27 more points if I had played Braylon Edwards, but who would have dreamed that the Browns would have done so well?  What a crazy offensive week (except for the Eagles…what's their problem?).


I now have the highest point total of anyone in my league, and am 4/10 in the rankings (three people still have a 2-0 record).  I'm starting to feel like I made some better-than-average decisions with my draft this year, and if Steven Jackson ever gets back on his game, I should be consistently in the top 3 for the better part of the season.  We'll see though…

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Isn’t It Time for Some Football Already?

For those who have no desire to hear about football and/or fantasy football, I promise to keep my fantasy football posts down to 1 per week, max.  Most likely it'll involve just a recap of my team for the week, but might occasionally include some random football-related stuff.

Well, the regular season starts tonight, and my league drafted our Fantasy Football teams last night, just in time to get our starting rosters set up.  I have my lineup in place, we'll see how it goes…

For those curious about the team name – being the sole Jewish person in my league, for the past 5-6 years I've done various puns and or names using the word Jew for my team name, including JewsYourIllusion and DaJews.  I'm running low on names for next year, so if anyone has some suggestions, I'm all ears.

Anyway, I'm pretty satisfied with my team.  My QB and running backs should consistently get me some decent points, and at least 2 of my wide receivers should hit big yardage figures on a regular basis.  I had Graham as my kicker last year and he can't be beat, especially when Cincinnati gets into trouble.  I'm not so sure about my tight end or defense, but we'll see how they fare for the first few weeks.  I've got backups for each position, but we'll see if I need them.

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