I wouldn't technically call myself a "follower".  I've VERY independent and have never been one to do things just to fit in (I think my red pants speak for themselves on that point).  Someone once told me, "Don't follow the crowd – they might all be going to the dentist."

And while that's true, sometimes the pack IS worth following, as long as you're stepping in time with the band for all the right reasons (or at least for your own personal ones).  So when I came across the NaBloPoMo posts that Mariser, Bookishly Fabulous, CupCate, Arbed, Steve Betz, and Kevin Wolf (amongst many many others) had written, I started wondering if it might be a challenge that 1) I would find rewarding and 2) I would be able to keep up with.  Since this is technically post #1 of NaBloPoMo for me, I guess it's pretty obvious what my answers to both questions would be.

I think I'm going to find it hard enough just to make sure I get one post out there every day, so I'm definitely not going to tie myself down to a specific theme, or set of topics.  Posts may be all over the board – I expect everything will show up, from yet more how-to posts, to music posts, to a couple stories from my past I've been meaning to type up but haven't gotten on paper yet.  Hell, I might even use this as an incentive to get my damn experiences and photos from my trip to India posted!  It's only been what, 6 months since I got back from it?

I am excited to be participating in this with all the folks who have done this before, and all those who are taking it on for the first time.  Here's hoping we all have a great month of posts to come!

[NaBloPoMo 2008 – Day 1/30]

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