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Thank God It’s Friday (Finally!)

This week has been a killer – we've had so many documents to get out that I've been working late each night after the kids go to bed, usually until after 11pm.  Today I'm leaving at 2pm and I am doing NO WORK this weekend.  I may have to play catchup next week, but I need a break.

Here's a few photos I caught on a trip somewhere a while back:

If it's not broken, don't fix it.  If it is broken, don't fix it, just put a note on it so people know it's broken:

And in the same building:

And now, in lieu of the expected Friday I'm in Love track, here's a song that at first appears to relate to the title of this post, but on further inspection, actually has nothing to do with how I'm feeling now:

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Friday – Can’t Help Myself (from Dancing?)

It's Friday!  This week has actually been a bit of a blur, but it also feels like I've been running back-to-back marathons.  I'll be glad for a break this weekend, even if it's just swapping my work to-do list for one around the house.  Plus I think I'm going to take Violet swimming at the YMCA this weekend.  Three year olds in cute little bathing suits are always a high point.

Anyway, I'm feeling pretty good today and wanted to imbue you with some of my generic euphoria.  So here's a song to get your toes a-tapping.  If you're in a place where you can, don't feel ashamed to get up and dance, too.

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