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Do You Want Fries With That?

I forgot to recount an actual conversation I had with a McDonald's serf employee a few weeks back while I was on an inspection trip.  I walked up to the counter where she stood attentively, awaiting my order.  Then the following mind-bender occurred:

Me: Yes, hello, this is a to-go order.  May I please have a bottle of water and one apple pie?

Employee: Do you want two pies?  It's cheaper…

Me: Two pies is cheaper than one pie?

Employee: Well, you get two for a dollar.

Me: And just how much is one pie?

Employee: Um, ninety cents.

Me: [Pauses to wonder how two pies are "cheaper"] I think I'll go with just the one pie I wanted, and save the ten cents, thank you very much.

Employee: OK.  And is this for here or to-go?

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Electrical Humor

You don't have to be an electrical engineer to find these funny, but it helps.

Cribbed from Toothpaste For Dinner:

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Grandma, Where Did You Learn What “Pwn” Means?

I forgot to mention this back when it occurred and someone may have posted it in the meantime – but did anyone else watch the Jeopardy episode where they had the Best Buy Geek Squad reading questions in a tech category, and then during the break they defined the origins of the term "Pwn"?

Well, in case you missed it, here it is.  Pretty funny stuff.  Thank you, Internet, for providing me with backup blog fodder.

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You Stole My Jesus Fish!*

Just discovered what I want for Father's Day.  Now how do I go back in time and tell my wife two weeks ago so it'll be here on Sunday?

(Gefilte Fish plaque can be found for purchase at Sticker Giant, here)

*Apologies to all who thought you were going to get more of a homage to Seinfeld than you actually did. Blame it on my new project, which is still keeping me too busy to write more stuff here.

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Vox Hunt: Gotcha!

Show us a great April Fools' Day joke.

I'm not a big one for practical jokes.  In Robert Heinlein's The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, humor is codified, for the sake of an intelligent computer's understanding, as "Funny Once", "Funny Always", and "Funny Never". Some things are funny only the first time, some are always funny no matter what, and some things just aren't funny at all.  For me, practical jokes usually fall in the "Funny Once" category, although if they're mean-spirited or cause stress for the person being pranked, they immediately go in the "Funny Never" bucket.


WARNING: The rest of this post is sort of geeky.  If you don't consider yourself kind of geeky, you may find it funny.

That being said, I do appreciate when an April Fool's joke doesn't harm anyone AND manages to be "Funny Always".  One example that I recall is when a former boss of mine sent me some cut-sheets for some new electrical components he was thinking of buying, and asked me to review and provide my input.

Write Only Memory (1/2)Write Only Memory (2/2)

Yes, these are cut-sheets for "Write Only Memory".  Just as you'd infer, where "Read Only Memory" devices have data on it that can only be read (and not written to), "Write Only Memory" devices can only be written to (and not read from).  Some of the uses suggested on the cut sheet for Write Only Memory:

  • Don't Care Buffer Stores
  • Least Significant Control Memories
  • First-In, Never-Out (FINO) Asynchronous Buffers
  • Post-Mortem Memories (Weapons Systems)


It took me a little while to figure out what the hell the stuff was supposed to be, but I chuckled quite a bit as I started reading the descriptions and looking at all the hard work that was put into these cut sheets.

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Jesus vs. the Zombies

clipped from gustheghost.vox.com
Jesus vs. Zombie
  blog it
Found via my new neighbor Gus.

In his words:

[My friend Dave's] vision was simple: Jesus, being a zombie by the very definition of the word (sans the whole brain-lust), should engage in holy fisticuffs with his undead brethren, but only in the form of a tattoo.

So in he went to the worst tattoo shop in all of central Maryland, and four hours emerged emblazoned with this conglomeration of ink and wonderment:

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