I don't normally share work info on here, but this is all positive stuff, so I figure it won't hurt.  This article/video is about one of the projects that is currently keeping me and others at my company employed. 

However, I should point out that I have never called someone (or been called) a "Nuggeteer". 

(Watch the video for more information than is in the article).

From WDIO:

Despite a major slowdown in the world economy, the need to finish a giant project on the Iron Range continues.

Work at the Mesabi Nugget site in Hoyt Lakes is still full steam ahead.

300-400 local contractors are working right now, and more are expected to be hired when the days get longer.

In fact, management is meeting with more vendors all of this week, to finalize more work.

About 30 people are on staff, and call themselves "Nuggeteers." 30 more will need to be hired for operations, in particular millwrights and electricians.

The iron nugget project is expected to be online, during the third quarter.

"It's a strategic move for Steel Dynamics. They want to control the raw material they use to make steel," said Operations Manager Steve Rutherford.

The project is costing at least $235 million dollars.

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