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In Case of Emergency…

Shot this photo at the factory where I was doing an inspection on my trip to India. I felt a lot safer knowing there were these kind of safety precautions in place at the facility.


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Hey! I’m Not Dead (Yet)!

Hi folks!

Yep, after 5 looooong weeks away in India, I'm home safe and sound.  Glad to be back, although I'm still trying to get settled and back on track w/ work and home stuff.  I had almost no time to write up my experiences on my trip but am planning on getting around to it over the next week or so – I've got some good pictures and some interesting things to write about, so as long as I don't get bowled over with work, you should start to see some new content here on the blog in the next few days or so.

Since I'm about to run out the door and back home to the wife & kids, I'll just throw out a few Things on Tuesday to get me back into blogging after my 5 week hiatus.

Things I Loathe

– The fact that I had to spend 5 weeks away from my family

– Waking up at 4:30 in the morning to feed my daughter a bottle and not being able to fall back asleep afterwards

– Filling out expense reports

– Twitter's network being down

Things I Love

– Being home with my family, playing with my daughters and sleeping in my own bed again

– The fact that I get a salary bonus since I was out on an inspection for 32+ days

– Twitter – it's a great place to toss off a random thought and see people respond to it, especialy when I don't have the mental capacity at the moment to expand the thought into a blog post

– The new German music I "traded" one of the engineers on my trip for – especially digging Wir Sind Helden and some Rammstein – I'll be posting some of my favorites sometime soon

– Coming back from a 5 week trip of eating Indian food and having my wife suggest ordering Thai takeout for dinner

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Delicious Irony

Excerpt from an email from the head of our IT department at work:

To ensure security of your system and the corporate network, do not open any email unless you know the individual and can trust the person or content. DO NOT open eCards or click on any website links in an any email. Even emails from known individuals can be suspect, especially if they themselves have been hacked. So make sure you are aware of the emails and websites you are accessing.

For more information on this vulnerability, please visit:





In other news, India is about as much fun as I remembered it being, and the 12-hour workdays are killing me.  By the time I get back to the hotel room, all I want to do is sleep.  So I doubt I'll be online very much over the next month.  I'm drafting entries piecemeal so I may/may not have a post up about once a week, depending on my level of productivity.

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