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You Stole My Jesus Fish!*

Just discovered what I want for Father's Day.  Now how do I go back in time and tell my wife two weeks ago so it'll be here on Sunday?

(Gefilte Fish plaque can be found for purchase at Sticker Giant, here)

*Apologies to all who thought you were going to get more of a homage to Seinfeld than you actually did. Blame it on my new project, which is still keeping me too busy to write more stuff here.

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Jesus vs. the Zombies

clipped from gustheghost.vox.com
Jesus vs. Zombie
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Found via my new neighbor Gus.

In his words:

[My friend Dave's] vision was simple: Jesus, being a zombie by the very definition of the word (sans the whole brain-lust), should engage in holy fisticuffs with his undead brethren, but only in the form of a tattoo.

So in he went to the worst tattoo shop in all of central Maryland, and four hours emerged emblazoned with this conglomeration of ink and wonderment:

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Vox Hunt: I’m The DJ

    Audio: Congrats, you're the radio DJ!  What six songs are in your first on-air set?

    Submitted by LeendaDLL.

Since I actually WAS a radio DJ back in college for a local, listener supported radio station, I'll list part of one of the "sets" I did from 2-6 AM, one Easter morning.  This excludes the songs that I had to play because they came up in the play order, and only includes the ones that I personally chose during the "DJ's choice" slots the lineup allowed.

1) American Jesus by Bad Religion
2) Jesus Don't Want Me For a Sunbeam by Nirvana (written by The Vaselines)
3) Dear God by XTC
4) Deadbeat Holiday by Green Day
5) Jesus Built My Hotrod by Ministry
6) Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode

I don't want to say there was a theme to my set that morning, because there was an awful lot of modern rock and alternative music that DIDN'T fit the bill, but these were all songs that I decided to play once I was in the studio that morning.  I'm sure if I had prepped or had a longer block, I could have inserted some more, but this was all I could muster in the time I had.

Bad Religion - American Jesus Live JESUS DOESN'T WANT ME FOR A SUNBEAM NIRVANA Live !! XTC - Dear God

Deadbeat Holiday Ministry Jesus built my hotrod Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus

And yes, I know that the Green Day vid is actually a montage of clips from Lost.  It doesn't look like there's a vid available online (if there ever was one), but this was actually not bad, so I decided to include it.

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