1 look was all it took.
2 is my favorite number.
3 is the number of paper towels it typically takes to dry my hands.
4 score (minus 53 years) ago, my mother brought forth a new son, conceived in my parents bed, and dedicated to the proposition that he should be named Ross.
5 fingers on each hand, 5 toes on each foot…just the way nature intended.
6 geese a-laying (even though I'm jewish).
7 days make one week, but diet and exercise make me strong! (That is, when I do them)
8 ball (pool) is slightly less fun than 9-ball, unless I'm competing against a really good player who can run the table on me in 9-ball
9 times out of 10, I'm absolutely right, and the 10th time I'm dead wrong. Or wait, am I mistaken about that?
10 quippy things are a lot harder to think up in 10 minutes than you'd think. Try it!

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