I'm completely worn out this afternoon, and I'll tell you why. There's an evil little video-game invention called Dance Dance Revolution. You may have seen this video-game miscreant in arcades across the country, or its juvenile brothers made for the PC and Playstation. If you have, I hope you're lucky enough to be able to pass up this quarter-stealer and refrain from getting addicted. If you haven't seen these maniacal machines yet, run at the first sound of the heavy dub emanating from the giant speakers, the frenzied teens flipping their feet among the dance-pad, the flashing lights and addictive game purpose. The evil Dance Dance Revolution game, if you haven't seen it (or need some mental refreshing), consists of a large video-game screen and an even larger steel-reinforced double-dance pad that sits in front of the screen. Players attempt to step on the arrows (up, down, left and right) in time with arrows that move across the video game screen from the bottom to top. Different levels (songs) have different beats and rhythms, and are of different difficulties. The easiest (Single-foot) is about the pace of a really laid-back step aerobics video, while the hardest (seven-foot) require you to constantly move your feet in multiple combinations of patterns, as many as 4 different patterns per second, for a period of 2-3 minutes!

Anyway, I've been sort of a dabbler in this game for quite a while, and about a month and a half ago I bought the home version for the playstation, along with two soft-plastic dance-pads. They're not as good (accurate or sturdy) as the arcade ones, but they do the job. I've slowly been getting better, and today I had a chance to try to strut my stuff in the arcade. Usually there's swarm of teenagers waiting to show each other up at the arcade at the mall, which means that me and my self-conscious thoughts are not going to be participating (at least until I get good). Today, while waiting for a movie, there was absolutely nobody hanging around, so I got $5 in tokens from the arcade dispenser and ventured my first real attempt at crushing the moderate-level difficulty songs on the arcade machine. The home version had different songs (being the original, as opposed to the 3rd remix of this version), but I figured that my abilities would be about the same, regardless of whether I knew the song steps or not. I had a big suprise in store for me though, when I tried out this game today…

I was on fire. I don't mean I was doing okay on those songs, I was doing GREAT. I was getting everything right and was in a zone. I kept moving up in difficulty and speed and my feet were flying. By the end of my money (45 minutes later) I was clearing a couple of the 5-foot level songs and although I couldn't beat the last one I tried before my money ran out (and my legs cut out on me), I gave it a damn good shot.

To make a long story short (too late!) I ended up going into the movie theater with DeeDee all hot and sweaty and tired, but very triumphant. Maybe soon I can show up one afternoon with all the high-schoolers and show 'em a thing or two about how to really step until you can't step no more.

Currently Reading

I started The Gold Coast and it's really good. The characters are fresh and it's really well written. I needed something light, too, so this is really fitting the bill.

Currently Watching

Right now, I'm just zoning to True Lies on TV. However, I saw Changing Lanes today in the theaters, and High Crimes last night. Lanes was definitely the superior of the two, but they were both worth watching. I really enjoyed seeing Ben Affleck offset Samuel L. Jackson today (they both kick ass) and the story was really pretty solid, too. Crimes was more of a typical thriller-type movie, and didn't really have a whole lot of suprises, although if you just sorta immersed yourself in it, you could feel sorta charged up.

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Nothin' much. I need to go buy some new cds.

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How little I desire doing any work for my Neural Networks project. Not that I have a whole lot left to actually do today, but it's the principal of the thing I abhor. *Sigh* Guess I'll go procrastinate doing the work by cooking some dinner for Dee and myself. Mmmm….pork chops….

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