Too much work to do:
Good for job security –
Bad for sanity!

Between having Friday off last week and the seminar I’m attending tomorrow, I’m trying to shoehorn two weeks worth of work into less than two weeks worth of time. Just the thought of trying to getting all of this done is stressing me out.  Therefore I’m taking a few minutes out of my busy day to write this post, and I’ll take half-hour at lunch to get in a run.

Of course, Dee’s in the same boat this week, as it’s Spring Break and both of the little ones are home all week, so she’s trying to work out how to take care of teaching her classes, prevent the kids from spending their entire week with eyeballs glued to the television, and still retain her sanity.  If we can both manage to finish out the week without becoming twitching, gibbering apes that need a pair of comfy straitjackets and padded cells, it’ll be a miracle.

Anyone else got too much on your plate right now?  How are you dealing with it all? (Response in the form of a haiku is optional here!)