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The Monday Morning Haiku #6

A week off of work,
fond memories, five more pounds.
(What I gained last week.)

Feel free to leave your own haiku in the comments below!  How was your Thanksgiving/vacation if you had one, or your weekend, if you didn’t?

Yes, I was notably absent from the internet last week as we decided to take advantage of the holidays (and my soon-to-expire extra vacation days) to spend the week up in Pennsylvania visiting my folks.  I ate approximately one metric ton of sweets and snack foods, so it was no surprise that I gained back the 5 pounds I had recently worked off with my running endeavors in November.  No biggie though – I’m back on the wagon as of today, which means more  healthy lunches, snacks, and plenty of good old exercise.

The trip itself was a lot of fun – along with my folks, we got to see my grandparents, some aunts and uncles, cousins, and even my brother.  There were plenty of activities and distractions for the girls, although I think their favorites were the ones we did at Hershey Park – the Hershey Candy Lane was a discounted admission to the amusement park where pretty much just the kiddie rides were open (perfect for a 5 year old and 3 year old), and although it was COLD (~40 degrees before windchill) the girls had a ball.  They also loved the Hershey Sweet Lights, which was a drive-through Christmas lights display of almost 600 illuminated, animated displays.  It took about 45 minutes to drive through (inching along at about 5 mph), and was a lot of fun for everyone in the car.

Overall, a great visit, albeit way too short.  We’ll have to figure out the next time to see my folks, as they definitely deserve more time with their grandchildren!

Smiles at Hershey Park

Maybe I’ll Buy a Cowboy Hat While I’m There

I found out a few days ago that I'll be headed to Houston, TX next week for a week-long inspection of a vendor's system.  I've got family in the area, but coincidentally, they'll be in Pennsylvania at the time, visiting my other family.  Looks like I'll bring a book or two and catch on some reading in the evenings. 

I might even get a chance to go catch a movie or two (quite a luxury when you're usually shackled to a 2-year old anytime you go out).  Anyone have any recommendations?  The one's I'm sort of considering are:

    – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (I'm a sucker for the series, although I like the books more than the movies)
    – Transformers (who doesn't enjoy having their childhood repurposed to sell millions of new toys to a new generation of kids?)
    – Ocean's Thirteen (If it's anything like the first two, I'll enjoy this one a lot)

On the fence (I would need a really good recommendation to push me into seeing it)
    – Pirates of the Caribbean 3
    – Fantastic Four: Silver Surfer
    – Evan Almighty
    – 1408 (I've read the Stephen King short story this is based on…Meh.)
    – Evening
    – Live Free or Die Hard (Is this the one where the corpse of Bruce Willis is resurrected to fight terrorists in some city somewhere?)

Ones that are definitely out:
    – Anything animated (I get enough of this at home, I'll see them soon enough when they come out on DVD)
    – License to Wed (Um…if you've seen a preview, you'd understand)
    – Knocked Up (I had to wash my eyes out with bleach after watching the preview for this movie)

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