Yes, it's Yod Hunt #8 – The Internet Phenomenon, otherwise known as "the contest that proves that Ross can't draw".  Seriously, MS Paint, Photoshop, pen and paper or body paints, my artistic skills are so far below lackluster that you would need a special "Suck Filter" in Photoshop to reach these levels of drawing ineptitude.

1. Create a self-portrait using Microsoft Paint and only Microsoft Paint.

I decided if I couldn't go for talent, I'd go for bizarre – so here's my self-portrait, if I was a "Head in a Jar" like on Futurama *cue Conan O'Brian "The Future" theme song*.  Note that even in the future, they still have uber-stylish packer-hats.

2. Take a picture of human(s) and overlay some hilarious text, ahem, expressing what they are doing humorously (LOLPeople).

Okay, to make up for my poor art skills, I decided to go a little overboard with my LOLPeople pictures.  I think they speak for themselves, so I'll shut up now.

Mail Order LOLDo Not Want LOLCookie LOLHosen LOL

Mustash LOLPeckish LOLDress Code LOLDemon Pig LOL

3. Your job in this topic is to cut and paste a celebrity into a picture (photochop).

I have to bow out of this portion of the contest – I have no time to work on this portion of the entry this week, so instead I'll share something from my "found on the internet" file – I think this is from way back in 2002, posted on a webcomic fan forum.  I can't claim any responsibility for the resulting hilarity of the image below, so don't even try to blame me for it.

Best Picture Ever - OriginalBest Picture Ever - Chopped

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