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Sadly, I Drive Past This Once Every Couple Weeks

Looks like my city made it to the big time, and not in a good way:

Shamefully, I didn't even think of capturing this for the Failblog on one of my many trips driving past it.

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In Case of Emergency…

Shot this photo at the factory where I was doing an inspection on my trip to India. I felt a lot safer knowing there were these kind of safety precautions in place at the facility.


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Vox Hunt: I Saw the Sign

Show us a sign.

If you're interested in signs, why not join the Signs of the Times group and share some with the rest of us sign-lovers?

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Add a Liquor Store Inside Too and You’ve Got a Redneck Strip Mall

Drove by this sign again the other day (it is out in front of a local gun shop) and decided I needed to share it:

Just to be clear – this is just one little building, not a tanning salon next to a gun shop.  The tanning booths must be in the back behind the shotguns and the bear bait.

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