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Thank God It’s Friday (Finally!)

This week has been a killer – we've had so many documents to get out that I've been working late each night after the kids go to bed, usually until after 11pm.  Today I'm leaving at 2pm and I am doing NO WORK this weekend.  I may have to play catchup next week, but I need a break.

Here's a few photos I caught on a trip somewhere a while back:

If it's not broken, don't fix it.  If it is broken, don't fix it, just put a note on it so people know it's broken:

And in the same building:

And now, in lieu of the expected Friday I'm in Love track, here's a song that at first appears to relate to the title of this post, but on further inspection, actually has nothing to do with how I'm feeling now:

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In Case of Emergency…

Shot this photo at the factory where I was doing an inspection on my trip to India. I felt a lot safer knowing there were these kind of safety precautions in place at the facility.


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Vox Hunt: I Saw the Sign

Show us a sign.

If you're interested in signs, why not join the Signs of the Times group and share some with the rest of us sign-lovers?

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Yeah, Real Subtle…

While I was on vacation, we took a trip to ZooAmerica (part of the Hershey attractions near Hershey Park in Hershey, PA).  I didn't end up getting a whole lot of pictures of the animals for some reason, but I got this great one of the designated "smoking area" gazebo in the middle of the zoo.

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Another Sign… and Another Group…

One last sign from my inspection trip – this time one I caught on my way out of a little restaurant while in town:

And consider this post your informal invitation (the formal ones are still at the printer's) to join yet another group – Signs of the Times, a group devoted to signs of all kinds – vintage or new, serious or humorous.  I know with all the great mobloggers here on Vox that we've got to have some really interesting sign pictures getting posted, and it would be great to get them all in one place. 

As always, anyone who reposts pictures from their archives into the group will be soundly praised by me for their help in getting a new group off the ground.  Hope you'll all check it out!

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