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Ear Tube Surgery, Rosie-Style

Rosalie followed in the footsteps of her older sister (and me for that matter) and had ear surgery this morning to put tubes in her ears.  Check out that recap if you're interested – this was almost an exact duplicate of what happened during Violet's surgery.  We're back home now, and she's pretty much fully recovered, walking around and acting normal, but it was another painful (for us) morning waiting for her to recover from the anesthesia.

I forgot the camera but snapped a couple of pics with my phone of Rosie getting prepped for surgery.  When I took these, she had just been given the "goofy juice" that they administer to the kids before they take them back and put them under with gas, so as the shots progressed she got progressively more loopy (think of a drunk 15-month old toddler to get an idea of how she was acting).  We had a bit of a laugh watching her act all out of it, but had to console her most of the way home from the surgery until she was back to normal.  Everything looks good for now, though, and hopefully the beau coup bucks we had to pay for the deductibles will be paid back in a lack of ear infections for the next 12-15 months or so…

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Violet’s Surgery, the Aftermath

Well, Violet made it through the tubes surgery just fine.  The two hardest parts were the wait up until they gave her the pre-anesthetic (because she wanted water and crackers and couldn't understand why we weren't giving them to her when she asked) and after she woke up from the surgery.

It seems that the gas they use to put her to sleep takes a little while to wear off after the surgery, and some kids sleep until it wears off.  Others (like Violet), wake up soon after, though, and are frustrated that they cannot control their body the way they're used to controlling it.  Their eyes won't open/stay open, it is hard for them to grab/hold things, and sometimes even hold their head up.  Violet was soooo upset with this that she just cried and cried for about 15 minutes straight.  I kept trying to give her some water from her sippy cup but she was too upset to drink from it.  She finally took a few sips and quieted down for a moment, but got upset again soon after, asking to go "bye-bye" as she wanted to get out of that awful place and somewhere comforting.

The car ride back home was pretty stressful – Dee was driving, as she knew the way, and I was sitting back with Violet in the back seat.  She didn't want to eat, didn't want to drink, and was pretty much inconsolable for about a half hour.  Towards the end she quieted down a bit and started looking out the window.  I sang along with a couple of songs on the Ralph Covert CD we had put in the stereo and she seemed pretty tranquil.

We got home and Dee cuddled up with Violet on the couch and put on a kids show on TV for her while I got ready to head off to the office.  Got in by 9, which is pretty good considering that I was waiting for Violet to go into surgery at 6 AM this morning.

So all in all, we're in pretty good shape, and Violet should be feeling better this afternoon or by tomorrow at the latest.  We've gained two small tubes and lost $900 (copays and deductibles), but hopefully also gained an "immunity" to future ear infections for a while, as well as the potential for some better night's sleep and everything else that comes from Violet staying relatively healthy as a result of the surgery.

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Totally Tubular

So Violet has just now recovered from her third ear infection of the season, making 6 or 7 total in her short 2 years on this planet.  Dee went to an appointment with the Ear, Nose, and Throat Dr. today (the pediatrician FINALLY relented to giving a referral for us to see one) and sure enough Violet's gonna have to get tubes.

I know that the surgery is very minor, and that there's not a whole lot of chance that there will be any complications.  And of course, having the tubes should REALLY help prevent any future ear infections for the next 6-12 months (after which, hopefully, Violet's past that stage anyway).  My brothers and I all had tubes and we turned out fine.

Still, the fact is that it is a surgical procedure, and Violet has to go under general anesthesia, and that's sort of scary.  Gives me a butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling just thinking about it.  In my head, I know she'll be fine, but I'll still be holding on to Dee's hand pretty tightly while we're waiting during the surgery…

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