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Good Coffee!

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  1. We’ve got at least one individual with very strong passive-aggressive tendencies in the office.  They also apparently don’t know how to use their spell-check program, although they did quite a nice job at the formatting for the “Low Coffee Level” contestants.  (I would have centered the headings above the blank spaces, but that’s just a personal preference.)
  2. We’ve got at least one smartass in the office (not counting myself [and I did not write either the note or the response])
  3. I am almost positive this is going to escalate into a conflict of epic proportions, and the only solution will be to nuke the coffee machine and have everyone start drinking tea.  Stocking up on my Earl Grey, just in case.

Ross Reviews: Eight Cranes Perfect Steeper

The Eight Cranes Perfect Steeper
Perfect Steeper (Glass or Polycarbonate Model) – $29.99
Perfect Steeper Gift Set (Steeper with 3 tea samples) – $39.99

Serious tea lovers will tell you there’s no substitute for brewing with loose teas. But although loose teas will brew up into a more flavorful, less bitter cuppa, they require extra equipment (usually some combination of teapots, infusers, strainers, and mugs) that would make it difficult (if not impossible) to carry around everything you need for a good-quality tea on the go.

The Eight Cranes Perfect Steeper is an innovative product hoping to change the mindset that loose teas cannot be brewed while on the go. The Perfect Steeper does a good job living up to its name – providing a compact, drip-free, and most of all, convenient means to brew loose tea on the go – all that’s needed is access to hot water.

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QotD: The Best Blend

    "What's your favorite blend or brand of coffee or tea?"

It may sound odd, but I've been doing a blend of 2 parts decaf coffee to 1 part caffeinated coffee for a while now.  This has a number of advantages:

    1. I can drink 3 times as much coffee without feeling any more jittery
    2. If I choose to, I can mix/match the decaf and regular parts to have some flavored coffees, or change the bitterness/darkness/oil ratio of the eventual brew
    3. It gives me something else to fiddle with
    4. I get to justify shopping for and buying smaller quantities of many different kinds of coffees to try them out

With that said, my basic, failsafe brew is a 2:1 Maxwell House Bold blend.  Dark and strong enough to savor the aroma and the flavor, without tasting burnt like some coffee blends out there.  And as for sugar/cream/milk additives?  I like it the way Neil Gaiman phrased it in American Gods:

    "black as night, sweet as sin."

Oh yes, if I do choose to drink the occasional cup of tea, it's Earl Grey, all the way.

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