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The Walls Have Ears

Conversations you may have heard at my house in the past week:+

1) The Purse

Dee: Mmm…my pretty new purse – it's so niiiice…
Me: Huh?
Dee: Honey, right now I feel just like you do, when you get a nice new electronic gadget.
Me: *lightbulb comes on* Ahhh, I see!  I'll stop giving you the strange looks then – you put up with me spending 2 hours configuring my phone a few months back.

2) The 3rd Grade Sense of Humor

Me: Violet, guess what?
Violet: What?
Violet: *hysterical laughter*

Me: Violet, guess why?
Violet: Why?
Violet: *hysterical giggles*

Dee: Violet, guess where?
Violet: …??
Violet: *even more hysterical giggles*

Violet: Mommy, Daddy – Guess why?
Me: Why?
*hysterical laughter from all of us*

3) The Infant With a Newly-Discovered Sense of Mobility

Me: No Rosie, don't put that dust bunny in your mouth.
Me: No Rosie, don't try to climb up on the fireplace.
Me: No Rosie, don't grab the lamp cord, that's not for babies.
Me: No Rosie, don't crawl under the coffee table, you'll bump your head.
Me: No Rosie, don't eat that paper, that's yucky.
Me: No Rosie, don't pull Violet's hair.
Me: No Violet, don't push Rosie for pulling your hair.
Me: No Rosie, don't try to pull that basket of toys over onto yourself.
Me: No Rosie, don't eat that crayon, that's yucky.
(Repeat ad nauseam)

4) Television Priorities

Me: Violet, this is football.  See the team in blue?
Violet: Yeah! That is football!
Me: That team in blue is called the Panthers.  Can you say "Go Panthers!"
Violet: Go Pan…Panfe…. I can't say it.
Me: Pan-thers.
Violet: Pan-thers.
Me: Go Panthers!
Violet:Go Panthers!  Yay!  Go Panthers!
Me: Yeah, good job!  Go Panthers!
Violet: No, I want to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

5) The Ideal Marriage is Based on Equality

Me: Honey, since you're going to Vegas with your friends right before Thanksgiving, if I hypothetically had to go to a seminar in Vegas for a couple days later this week, you wouldn't have any grounds to complain, right?
Dee: Honey, I love you dearly, but I will ALWAYS have grounds to complain if you pull something like that.

+If you were a fly on the wall.*
*You don't want to be one of the flies that was on my wall.  They met with a horrible demise over the weekend, courtesy of my flyswatter.

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Warning – Cuteness Ahead

When Rosalie started to get old enough to really move around in her crib, we took the bumper off the crib sides so she wouldn't end up with her face smooshed up against it.  That worked fine for a while, and then she started scooting.  Not crawling, but scooting on her belly.  And only in one direction – straight backwards.

Well, while that scooting sure is cute, it can only lead to one thing in a crib:

Rosalie w/ her legs out of the cribRosalie w/ her legs out of the crib

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I Got Nothin’

Actually, that's a lie.  I've got plenty I could write about:

  • I could write about how my patio table shattered last night when the thunderstorm's winds picked up the umbrella and yanked it out of the hole in the center of the table, and how I'm NOT looking forward to picking up all the pieces and worrying about letting my daughter ever go outside barefoot ever again.
  • I could write about how Rosalie is getting to the stage where a game of peek-a-boo makes her laugh uncontrollably, and we managed to capture it on video. Oh so cute.
  • I could write about how busy work is right now and how it seems like it is never going to slow down (which isn't necessarily a bad thing).
  • I could write about how I got a new phone (Motorola Q9C) and am LOVING being able to get online wherever I am, be it on the couch or at the bookstore.
  • I could write a post about how silly-yet-entertaining I found the horror movie Slither starring Nathan Fillion to be.

  • I could write a post about the nice relaxing 4th of July weekend we had, and the fantastic restaurant I took Dee to on her birthday.
  • I could write about how Violet is making friends at the YMCA day care, and how last night she shyly told me about her friend who "is a boy, and his name is Scott, and she [sic] has short hair like you Daddy". (I better watch out, she's already got the boys chasing after her at 3 years old!)
  • I could write about how I finally got around to listening to all 3+ gigs of SXSW music and rating all the songs I want to keep.

I could, but at least for today, I think I'll pass.  But at least here's a tune I'm enjoying right now:

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Father’s Day Weekend Fun at Casa de Ross

Although this wasn't my first Father's Day weekend, it quite possibly might have been the best one yet.

Saturday was just an easy-going sort of day – I worked out at the gym, did some shopping with Violet, puttered around the house, and cooked some excellent chicken and vegetables on the grill for dinner (although all the hard work marinating/seasoning everything was done by my wife, so I can't take all the credit).  After we got the kids asleep, Dee and I watched No Country for Old Men, which lived up to every bit of hype that I've heard about the movie.  Definitely a must see.  By itself, Saturday would have made the weekend, but in this case, it was superseded in specialness by the Father's Day Sunday I had the next day:

  • My alarm went off at 8AM, and before I had time to even galumph my way over to it to hit snooze, the bedroom door opened and a torrent of unbridled energy in the form of my toddler came rushing in and crawled all over me and the bed, excited to give me my Father's Day cards.  I snuggled with her for a little bit while I opened the two greeting cards she and my wife had bought/signed for me, and cheered when I saw that one of them also included a gift certificate to a nearby bookstore – as my wife put it, I'd be able to get in some guilt-free book shopping that day.
  • I spent the next couple hours hanging out with and taking care of the girls while Dee went to her Weight Watchers' meeting and out to the grocery store.  The highlight of that time came when I was throwing around a nerf ball with Violet and she told me out of the blue, "Daddy, I love playing football with you."
  • When Dee got back, she let me duck out of the house for a couple hours to hit up the bookstore and use up my gift certificate.  I spent a little time just browsing through some of the bookshelves, but ended up with 5 books that I'm really looking forward to reading.

  • I spent the rest of the afternoon doing some yardwork and home improvement projects, with Violet tagging along and "helping" whenever possible.  Although I didn't get as much done as I would have liked, I did make a dent in my ever-growing to-do list, which always feels good.
  • After I managed a quick shower and shave, we dropped the kids off with my mother-in-law, who was nice enough to watch them while Dee and I went out to eat at the local Thai restaurant.  A couple hours, some beers, and some excellent (and very spicy) food later, we stopped by Jack in the Box for a couple Oreo milkshakes on our way back to get the kids.  Ended up VERY stuffed, but also equally happy with how the day had progressed. 
  • When we got home, I had a little more bonding time with Violet in the form of bedtime story time, and then the kidlets were in bed and very soon after, so was I.  The alarm on Monday morning was a rude awakening (literally), but still couldn't detract from the happiness I felt from the wonderful weekend I had.

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Things on Tuesday – 2/26/08

Thanks for all the people that did this today that reminded me that today's Tuesday!  This is my first one of these, and while I don't plan on doing it every week, I hope to do it often enough to remind myself of some of the stuff I take for granted, and learn not to sweat the small stuff.

Things I Loathe

  1. Getting up early.  Seriously have a problem with that.  Could be related to thing I love #1 below.
  2. Getting stuck in traffic.  Slightly ameliorated now that I can amuse myself with my GPS and see exactly how long I've been sitting there stuck in traffic.  But not enough to make me like it.
  3. Feeling like a slug.  I NEED to start exercising again.  NEED NEED NEED.  I like how I think and feel a lot better when I do.
  4. People who aren't open-minded and accepting of others.  I don't need to get into details on this one right now.

Things I LOVE

  1. Going to bed late.  I'm a late-night person.  It just feels like I should be doing stuff then, even if what I'm doing is just reading a book or playing on the interwebs. Got to stop doing this if I want to get up early.
  2. A good hot cup of coffee.
  3. My Vox neighbors.  You all manage to cheer me up, entertain me, and teach me things on a regular basis.
  4. Dave for providing me the link to a year's worth of Stereogum music downloads.  I now have 3.2 Gigs of free music sitting on my drive waiting to be listened to and rated.  So far, I'm finding I'm liking/keeping about 1 out of 3 tracks, which is pretty damn good, in my opinion.
  5. The fact that we've finally been able to get Rosalie to sleep in the swing.  It's not the crib, but it's a huge improvement over only getting her to sleep on us.  The crib is coming, I promise.  But Dee is finally able to get some stuff done during the day and we're both getting some sleep at night, so I'll gladly take what we're being given.
  6. Playing with Violet when I get home.  Last night I tied a headband around her head and we pretended we were rock stars, complete with times where we did guitar solos, lead-singer headbanging, drum solos, and pretended to be backup singers/dancers.  Sooo much fun.

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Holiday Cheer to One and All

Well, we survived our first week with 2 children, and things are on the up-and-up.  Rosalie's gained back to her birth weight as of the doctor's appointment this morning, which means she's a week ahead of schedule.

Speaking of schedules, I'm still getting used to the fact that my daily schedule is now subject to the involuntary whims of an infant who's still mixed up as to when it is day and when it is night.  Which is why I'm up at a quarter to one in the morning, instead of sleeping through "Santa's" stopover at our house to bring Violet some presents.  But it's okay – I'm getting around 4-6 hours sleep each night, so at least I'm not hallucinating…yet.

Anyway, I doubt most people will be getting online on Christmas day, but I want to wish everyone who celebrates the holiday a Merry Christmas, and everyone a Happy New Year.  Seeing as it's taken me a week to get just this post up, I doubt I'll be posting very often in the near future until I can get back to having some time to myself.  But I'll still be checking in and will try to get the occasional post up here and there when I can.

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